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We are interested in purchasing any new nontoxic additives which redound to improve the performance of plastics, coating,rubber products etc
    For the better and more comprehensive coverage of domestic each big market, at the same time in order to be able to
 provide customers with more convenient service, the group has in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shaoguan, Chengdu and other
  places to establish production base. At present the production base has an annual output of environmental protection type

 PVC stabilizer powder products 20000 tons, 15000 tons of liquid products, stearate products 20000 tons, net water

 The liquid products (including etching agent) 50000 tons of production capacity, can provide sufficient quality products to
 all customers, guarantee the customer demand.
    We firmly believe that, customer needs is not necessarily the most high-end most expensive product raw
 material, but must be the most suitable for their own use of raw materials, we can not only produce the most
 high-end products, can provide the most suitable for your products.

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