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We are interested in purchasing any new nontoxic additives which redound to improve the performance of plastics, coating,rubber products etc
    Yingtian group from the beginning of the establishment of adhering to the "small but complete." the idea, know that talent is
 the continuous development of the vitality of enterprises, is committed to become a powerful modern enterprise with strong
 competitiveness and build perfect organization structure and personnel training, group attaches great importance to the building
 of enterprise culture,hasproposed that the enterprise culture content from different aspects,regularly or irregularly through various
 forms to carry out publicity and education of humanity, people-oriented, persevere, it forms the unique and full of vitality of the
  corporate culture, won the excellent reputation and praise in the industry.
 The company's core values: honesty, truth-seeking, innovation, harmony. Is the pursuit of excellence
 Company culture: hard work, learn, loyal and trustworthy, immediate execution. Is a basic rule of each staff person to work.
 Establishment of culture: peace, health, happiness. The development of the company and pay more attention to construction
  of "family culture", requiring employees to work at the same time to pay attention to safety and health, only to ensure the safety
 and health, is happy to work and live.
 Team spirit: unity, dedication, hard work, beyond. Only the unity cooperation, team battle force is stronger; as a member of
  society, companies and families, staff requirements dedication; be not afraid of hard struggle spirit; to continue to surpass
  themselves, beyond the others.
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