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Magnesium stearate

Product Description: The product is synthesized by the advanced process called water medium method, which has high purity, low free acid. It widely is used in plastic product and uses as mould release agent of medicine, emulsifier for cosmetic, PVC heat stabolizer, and mainly as lubricant, antitackiness agent and flow aid. It also is suitable to granulate in oil and extract medicine, which has good fluidity and compressibility. It also can be used as flow aid in direct squash, filter aid, clarifier, dropping pill, suspending agent and thickening agent for liquid preparation.
Product Name:Magnesium stearate

Molecular formular: Mg(C17H35COO)2

Molecular weight: 591

Density: 1.028g/cm3

Physical and Chemical Properties:
White fine powder, nontoxic, inodorous, tasteless, combustible, slight soluble in the water, soluble in the hot ethanol, it is decomposed to stearic acid and Magnesium stalts when it is reacted with strong acids.

Quality indicators:


Industry lever

Medicine lever


White powder

White powder

Melting point(℃)



Content of water(%)



Free fatty acid(%)






Fineness(passed 200 mesh)



Product applications:

  1. The procuct can be used as PVC heat stabilizer and lubricant
  2. Used in medicine tablet and capsule(need meeting the medicine criterion)
  3. Emulsifer for cosmestic
  4. Dry powder extinguishing agent

Packaging and stroage:

    • The inner packing is PE plastic bag and the outside wraping is complex membrane plastic bag, 20kg/bag.
    • During the stroage under the shady, cool and ventilated environment, must avoid acid, alkali and the other corrosive substances. Keep it away from the humid, hot and fire places

Accord with ISO 9001:2000 & RoHS instruction

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