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We are interested in purchasing any new nontoxic additives which redound to improve the performance of plastics, coating,rubber products etc
Ca-Zn liquid complex stabilizer

Product Name: Ca-Zn liquid complex stabilizer
Product Code: CZ-001
Main Component: Ca-Zn organic complex
Appearance: light brown transparent liquid without mechanical impurities.


  1. Good heat stability and transparence, excellent initial color, low odor
  2. Conforming to EN-71-3
  3. Bisphnol A content: ≤5ppm
  4. Phthalate content: ≤100ppm
  5. Pahs content: ≤5ppm

The product is suitable for transparent PVC emulsifier power and flexible PVC transparent toy materials production. It also is suitable for flexible and semi-rigid transparent pipe, transprent film and fresh keeping film production
Recommendation dosage:

  1. flexible tansparent: 2.5-3 phr
  2. semi-riged transparent: 3-4 phr

Packing and storage: 200kg/Drum. Stored in dry, cool and ventilated place.



Accord with ISO 9001:2000 & RoHS instruction

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