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We are interested in purchasing any new nontoxic additives which redound to improve the performance of plastics, coating,rubber products etc
Nontoxic PVC Ba-Zn compex heat stabilizers

HS No: 3812 3090
Grade:YB-200 series / YB-300 series
Main component:Ba-Zn Organism
Physical properties:Appearance:light yellow or white Powder

Special properties:

  1. Low-toxicity, Excellent performance in heat stability, insulated capability, lightfastness,antiseparating,anticopper-rust, fluidity,antioxidation, color stability.
  2. Lowest Blooming and Plat Out
  3. Good compatibility with PVC resin and Epoxidized Soybean Oil or other additive


use in any opaque PVC products such as wire, cable, electric products, rubberized fabric,film,pipe, commodity,toys,etc.

Package: 20kg in PE bag outside with paper pag or woven plastic bag

Accord with ISO 9001:2000 & RoHS instruction

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